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About Us

Since 2004, Interconnekt has been striving to deliver a fresh and personal approach to business IT solutions, placing an absolute premium on personal support, holistic technological consultancy, and enabling your business to get the absolute most out of itself. Think of us as your own IT department, with a small but dedicated team of IT professional working around the clock to deliver all your computing needs.

Interconnekt is currently at the forefront of managed and hosted IT services, with a major focus on storage, disaster recovery and virtualization. The latter has become a major part of Interconnekt’s core strategy. With the cloud revolution taking over the IT world, we offer a range of flexible, personal and efficient cloud computing solutions for businesses of any size.

We have also developed key strategic alliances with a vast number of suppliers, clients, other IT companies, and vendors offering best of breed technologies. These vendors include VMWare, Fortinet, Apple, Microsoft, Dell and Citrix.

What sets us apart from other IT Managed Service Providers in Australia is our holistic and dynamic approach to finding solutions for our vast number of clients, be it small to mid-market businesses, government, or large corporate enterprises. We’re passionate about our clients businesses, and not only do we strive to gather a deep understanding of their technological requirements, but also their business requirements. It is our flexible and ‘outside the box’ thinking which allow us to deliver the best solutions.

We like to think of ourselves as matchmakers, or the Greg Evans of the IT world. When we sit down with a client, our first question is ‘What is the best match for you?’ We ask the right questions, and our knowledgeable, energetic, and borderline obsessive staff, use their vast expertise to match the right technologies and solutions to make your business run at an optimal level.

With the larger IT companies, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. We here at Interconnekt make it our mission to provide each and every client with everything they need, and some things they don’t even know they need. We like to think that we deliver IT to humans; we deal with people, not computers.