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How SharePoint Changed My Life
11 July 2012 Filed in:

I learnt something last week. I learnt how a powerful little tool called Microsoft SharePoint can truly change our business...

Although I knew about SharePoint and had played around with our own internal Sharepoint site as well as using OneNote and some basic document management elements, it wasn't until I attended one of Robert Crane's popular CIAOPS SharePoint Bootcamps that I really appreciated how powerful Sharepoint could be. As Robert states on his site, SharePoint is one of the fastest growing business applications from Microsoft. With the advent of Office 365 along with virtual private cloud options such as our offering, ConnektCloud, we are moving toward a hosted future that is going to be relying on tools such as SharePoint to efficiently and effectively meet business needs.

If you don't believe me on the power of SharePoint, check out Ferrari Australia, created in SharePoint Server it really does show that not only can it be a very powerful visual tool but also an effective Content Management System to allow your organisation to contribute to the content of your web site. We aren't all aiming to create something as flashy as that but what SharePoint does effectively is combine the ability to create documents and collaborate with others on the fly anywhere, at anytime. No longer will there be a need to create documents, save a version, email it to your colleagues, then wait to have someone send back a new version with a revision number and tracked changes. SharePoint not only allows you to save and share documents with colleagues but as Robert showed, amongst many of its features is the ability to create a file structure of your documents with far more sorting, searching and configuration options than you could ever hope for. Oh and did I mention, it is by far the most efficient form of collaboration I was seen in a long while?

Although it might take years of training, learning and configuration to master even a fraction of it, even the basic features of SharePoint can make a big impact on the efficiency of basic business practices. For example, I'm now looking to move our paper based leave application forms into an interactive SharePoint page, as well as creating an inventory page to keep a running record of our USB hard drives, as they always seem to go missing! We've used SharePoint in our business for creating documenatation and "how-to" guides for the engineers, and more recently used the documents aspect of it to share our Team Meeting OneNote notes. After this course, I'm now chomping at the bit to take our site to the next level and really unlock the power of SharePoint. Watch this space...

Jeffrey Huze, Operations Manager